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Your team in Phuket

Caring for a home is a lot of work, especially in Phuket.


Wood expands in wet season, mold develops, and the humid & salty climate takes its tole.

In the dry season, the sun will damage everything from roofs, & decking to patio furniture.

If you are doing vacation rentals - things will almost certainly break once in a while.

 If you live abroad, you likely are well acquainted with these  troubles. Which is why we put together the Lofty Maintenance Package.

Light Maintenance

Handyman work we do in house. No extra charge. Staining patio furniture, pressure washing to fixing a leaking sink. We do what doesn't require a specialist.

*Pool & Garden service is not included in light maintenance


We'll diagnose the problem and create a record of which light bulbs need to be used & where.


Whether it's a construction job or just sourcing a new lamp. We search and find the best company or product for the job.


We keep a detailed record of any work done on your home so that you can better understand your home and our thought process.

Professional Cleaning

(2 per month minimum) price = 500 baht/bedroom per clean

Mopping of floors

Cleaning of windows

Fridge & kitchen counters cleaned

Bathrooms, toilets

Linen refresh

Check for dust buildup

Remedy any mold

Replace all linen

Vacuum carpets and other areas

Replace kitchen and bathroom amenities

Air Conditioners need proper and consistent care to ensure they cool the customer when needed and so they don't breakdown.

Basic cleaning This is cleaning the polyester filters and external fiberglass. Our Lofty Maids take care of this when needed, at no extra charge

Deep Cleaning Needed at least once per year. This involves using special chemicals to clean the metal grills behind the polyester filters. We contract this work out to a trusted AC company. Cost is usually 700 baht per AC.

Re-gassing This is a top-up of R-410 A gas. This gas is more environmentally friendly than Freon Gas which was used in the past across Thailand and most of the world. Air Conditioners should not need re-gassing unless there is internal damage caused by misuse, or more likely, an in-proper installation. The cost is usually 700 baht/time done by an outside company. It should be noted that this is only a temporary solution.

Other Repairs  Air-conditioners do break and need to be repaired once in a while. Sometimes new parts are needed such as capacitors, compressors and fan motors. The price ranges depending on the size of the AC and the brand. Lofty organizes the work and gives owners valuable advice. We do our best not to waste your money.

Air Conditioning Care

We recommend a trusted, reliable, and quality​ pool and garden service company 

Pool cleaning & pump care This company works alongside us to make sure pool is always clean and looking great for the customer. They also give us advice on the condition of the water pumps, for the pool and the property. 

Gardening A immaculate garden is a great way to impress customers upon arrival. This company helps us keep things in order and give us advice on plants to buy or potentially remove.

Pool & Garden Service

However, we are happy to work with anyone you recommend to us. We work with several suppliers and other property management companies across the island already!

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