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What is a Lofty Owner?

A Lofty owner is an property owner who has agreed to certain terms and conditions with Lofty to operate their home as a Vacation Rental while it is not occupied by the owners.

How do I become a Lofty Owner?

Email or call us. We'll come and inspect for your property and discuss terms. Lofty only accepts properties that are suitable and attractive as holiday rentals. We also do not work with all owners, we make sure to select owners who are comfortable with the Lofty Business Model.

What is the Lofty Business Model?

The Lofty Business model works like this: We become your trusted team in Phuket regarding everything from Property Management to Short Term Rentals, to Construction/Maintenance Advice. In exchange for this we ask for an exclusive contract to perform rentals at your property.

This includes long term and short term rentals. For short term rentals our commission is 30% and for Long Term Rentals (1 month +) our commission is 20%

These rates are inclusive of Other Agent Fees (Airbnb,, offline agents, etc...)

What do I receive as a Lofty Owner?

Straight away you'll receive a professional set of photos to begin the marketing process of your property. Then you receive access to an online portal to view your properties calendar and income & expense reports.

From there we'll list your property on over 15+ websites and notify several dozens of agents worldwide. This process usually generates revenue quite quickly.


Aside from this you now have Lofty working for you while you are away. Our standard contract includes the following: 

2x cleans per month (extra charge)

1x pressure washing (free)

Organization of repairs, deliveries or light maintenance (free)

Monthly bill payments - Electricity, cable, internet, common area fees, etc... (free)

Advice for the upkeep of your property (free)

How is Lofty different from other agents on the island?

Other agents will only find you customers (sometimes). They will not check in the customers, nor will they take an inventory of your property or secure a damage deposit. This is all left upon the property owner.

Lofty solves this problem by controlling the process from beginning to end and working with all agents and including all the services not included by other agents and more!

How is Lofty different from other property management companies on the island?

Other property management companies on the island such as CBRE, Knight Frank, & PIPs are good companies. However, their business model is very different from Lofty. They charge flat monthly fees for their services. Lofty, however, includes a lot of the services they provide for free in exchange for the exclusive right to the rentals.

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