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Example #1


Julia has a friend who is looking for someone to take care of his 5 Bedroom Villa in Kamala when they are not in Phuket. Julia tries to manage the place herself for a while but finds that is simply to much work and hassle for her.


She learns about Lofty Management and decides to reccomend her friend try them instead of her. After a quick, seemless and non-commital sign-up, Lofty is now doing all the reservations, check-ins, cleanings, and answering all middle of the night phone calls from guests.


Julia is free to do what she pleases with her time and is pleaseantly suprised that she keeps receiving checks from Lofty every month! Even when she is away!


In this particular case Julia is earning 5% of 15,000 Thai Baht x 365 days/year x 70% occupancy. For an amazing annual total of 191,000 Baht!


Not only is Julia happy but her friends are incredibly grateful to her. Lofty takes care of everything. Julia now has a lifetime supplemental income.


Vacation Rental Management


Partner Program

Property Management is all about trust so that is why we have created the Lofty Partner Program. Referrals generate you 5% of total revenue that the Vacation Rental Property Earns. Deposited Monthly, No Hassle. No Fuss.

Example #2


Peter is a Real Estate Agent.


His clients come to him for advice on everthing as to where they should buy and what beaches to go to. They trust him.


When he is asked who they should get to manage Peter is in pain to answer because he knows the options are not great. Many property management companies not only have poor customer service and expensive fees but don't generate high returns. 


Peter is excited to learn of Lofty because they offer everything that his clients want and need - High Returns, Low Fees, & Great Customer Service. When Peter's clients are happy, he's happy and it brings him more business.


Peter loves Lofty even more now that he is signed up for the partner program! He needs the extra income when sales slow down.


Peter has does the math and figures if he can sign up 20 High End Villas to Lofty Management then he can retire in Thailand without having to sell another property again.



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