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How does Lofty

Standard work?

Lofty only gets paid when you make money

a simple 25% Booking fee

All other services are provided by Lofty at cost

Phuket Villa Management
Property Management Phuket


What does Lofty Do?


Everything. We list and manage your place on top property rental sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, Flipkey and more. We handle guest reservations, arrange check-ins/outs, cleaning, guest support and follow up interaction. We also take care of the pool, garden and everything else!


 Who pays the bills?


Lofty will pay all the bills on behalf of the owner. Reports will be made monthly and cash will be deposited into the owners account by the 15th of the following month


Who is responsible if my property gets damaged?


Lofty will ensure that guests pay for any damage that is caused through pre authorized credit cards, cash &/or passport deposits. Lofty will organize general maintenance caused by daily wear and tear. 


How will Lofty know how to properly operate my property?


We are professionals who manage many villas, guesthouses & hotels already in Phuket. However, every home has it's own unique features, so the owner will need to give us a walk through so we can make notes.

How much can I expect to earn from my property?


It depends on a number of factors, namely location, bedrooms, amenities and the skills of your property manager.

How do you ensure the safety of my property?


We've done thousands of reservations, so we've got this down! We make sure guests are verified through booking sites and have positive reviews from other owners. If necessary we will also screen guests over the phone.


How long are your contracts?


We are confident in the service we provide. You can cancel our contract at anytime with no penalty.

Professional Cleaning

Mopping of floors

Cleaning of windows

Fridge & kitchen counters cleaned

Bathrooms, toilets

Linen refresh

Check for dust buildup

Remedy any mold



300 baht per bedroom + 300 baht/bed when linens are to be changed

Who pays for cleaning?

Cleaning is paid either by the owner or the customer. It is arranged and managed by Lofty but not included in the 25% MGT fee.

Typically, for Holiday Rentals the 1st clean is paid by the owners and during the stay the customer pays (minimum cleanings once per week, mandatory charge).

However, depending on the nightly rate and the property standard, the owner may waive the charge 

With Lofty Standard, you never write checks, you only receive them



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